Grizz back protective film Samsung Galaxy A20e

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img {align-content: center;} .item-6 {margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px;} .text-item {font-size: 16px;} GrizzGlass UltraSkin protective film for the back of your phone Key features: NEW! hermetically packed, thanks to OxyFree Technology easy installation does not thicken the device flexible, does not crack or shatter perfectly protects against scratches and dirt can be worn under the case glossy finish to improve grip Set includes: 1x GrizzGlass UltraSkin 1x wet wipe 1x dry cloth 1x original packaging Despite the case, your phone is still vulnerable to scratches on the back of the case. GrizzGlass UltraSkin is designed to protect your phone from all sides. For lovers and opponents of cases. The product has been hermetically packaged using OxyFree Technology. The adhesive layer is not exposed to external factors such as dust and dirt during transport and storage A scratched back of the phone can look very unsightly. GrizzGlass UltraSkin perfectly protects against scratches and dirt that can damage the back of the phone. Thanks to its flexibility, GrizzGlass UltraSkin perfectly adheres to the back of the device. It can be worn under the case or instead of it.