Joyroom 360 Full Case + tempered glass Apple iPhone 13 (JR-BP927 black)

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Joyroom 360 Full Case Cover for iPhone 13 Back and Front Cover + Tempered Glass Black (JR-BP927 black) A perfectly matched case is the basis for effective protection of the phone. Are you the owner of a modern device? In our offer you will find a high-quality compatible 2-in-1 set that will perfectly protect the back, sides, front and edges of the smartphone. You can rest assured about its everyday use - it does not involve any mechanical damage. In addition, the phone is protected against dirt (grease stains, fingerprints) and against scratches. A solid case with a fashionable design Elegant case with high shock resistance, non-slip and rigid. It will definitely meet your expectations! It was made of a combination of TPU plastic with silicone, which at the same time guarantees stiffness and flexibility, allowing for a perfect fit of the gadget to a specific device model, and the front of your smartphone is protected by perfectly matched tempered glass. A phone secured in this way is completely safe! The set is shock and impact resistant You certainly toss your phone into your purse or backpack or knock it carelessly off the couch more than once. Thanks to the Joyroom 360 Full Case, you do not have to worry about the technical condition of the device or the fact that its appearance will be damaged as a result of damage. The case and glass have been designed in such a way that they form one whole after assembly, which means that you will not find any gaps exposed to impacts and dust accumulation! The most important features: Ultra-thin - the thickness of the case is only 0.76mm Reinforced corners of the case Perfect fit - no gap between the glass and the case Not susceptible to fingerprints, scratches and stains