Joyroom USB-C/Lightning Cable 480Mb/s 20W 0.25m white (S-CL020A9)

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Joyroom USB Type C cable - Lightning 480mbps 25cm white Apple devices must have the appropriate charging and data cables. This is how cables like this are made: a product suitable for equipment requiring up to 20W of Lightning power. Thanks to the technology used, the cable ensures safe use and durability. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Ports: USB Type C - Lightning Maximum load: 20W Data transfer speed: up to 480Mbps Length: 25cm White color The most important advantages of the USB Type C - Lightning Joyroom: Charges iPhone 13 up to 60%25 in half an hour ! The cable supports Power Delivery (you also need a power supply - check the specification of your device to see if it supports Power Delivery) It transfers data quickly . Thanks to the 480 Mbps speed, you can transfer 1 GB of data in just 24 seconds Safe working with Apple devices : compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods headphones It will stay in its original shape for a long time . It does not tangle or break, and the 5-core cable has an internal sheath made of fireproof plastic Does not attract pollution . The silicone cover is soft to the touch and smooth Perfect for home use . It has a length of 25 cm, it will work on a desk