Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Xiaomi Redmi Note 11/11S red

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Super Frosted Shield is a series of elegant Nillkin cases for many models of mobile phones. Products from this line are characterized by a perfect appearance and high comfort of use . High-quality polycarbonate ( PC ) was used in the production of this case . It is a material characterized by dimensional stability, high stiffness and unchanging form at high temperatures. Its advantages have been fully used in the design of this case. The cover protects the phone casing from scratches, and in the event of the device falling to the ground, it absorbs most of the impact energy. This minimizes the possibility of damaging the phone and significantly extends its life. The back is covered with a perforated anti-slip coating that ensures that the phone is firmly in the hand. The original product of the renowned Nillkin brand Very durable, it protects the phone against damage caused by falling On the outside, the case has a perforated coating that guarantees a non-slip grip on the device Super Slim type overlay - does not thicken the device Provides easy access to every button and every plug of the phone The cover is in the box with the manufacturer's hologram The set includes a practical and compact phone stand